Military Grade

Small size, jam proof, optical
navigation system for tactical UAS

Small size, jam proof, optical navigation system for tactical UAS

Drones can now be truly autonomous,
thanks to NavGuard’s novel optical navigation technology.

Truly autonomous BVLOS missions, can now be conducted in an ever safer and controlled manner. Explore how our jam proof optical navigation technology impacts the entire drone industry and its ability to become truly autonomous, safe and robust.

Our onboard, self-sufficient optical navigation system takes live images of the terrain. These are matched in real-time to a stored map of the mission area. Sophisticated machine vision algorithms generates continuous, low latency positioning, completely independent to the GNSS service.

Example of a night mission where NavGuard is the primary navigation of a tactical drone flying and hovering at high altitude.

NavGuard’s Sensors Product Line

NavGuard enables a truly safe and sustainable 24/7 drone missions under full GNSS blackout. Optimized for low weight, small size and low power. We mix together cutting-edge machine vision technology together with high-end optics and sensor fusion, under lean architecture design to form a plug-and-play positioning module.


Fully integrated day and night
optical navigation module.



Fully integrated day and night
optical navigation module…..but smaller


NG Core

Compact and lightweight day only
optical navigation module with
interface for external sensors.



Low Weight
As low as 90g

Low power
as low as 4W

Small Size
Compact and

Cannot be
interrupted or

High Accuracy,

All Weather,


Geo-Referencing Optical Navigation System (GRONS)
The only technology able to serve as a true GNSS
replacement for airborne systems.

NavGuard’s Core

NavGuard’s Core Technology

NavGuard’s Core Technology is based on cutting edge machine vision algorithms that process live video stream of optical images at super speeds and high efficiency. These are then compared to an on-board geo infrastructure – maps. The lightning fast matching process generates a stream of low latency accurate positioning data, similar in nature to the data structure of GNSS messages, enabling true supplement of the GNSS service.

Innovative Proprietary Machine Vision Technology

Our proprietary machine vision algorithms operates on live imagery frames, taken from an on-board camera, to digitally and continuously compare / match them to an aerial map. This process defines a correlation between the real-time image and the map – thus associating the map’s grid to the image pixels. This allows the extraction of continuous and accurate pixel-coordinates, where every pixel in the image gets a globally referenced coordinate. By doing so in real-time, image-based elements are given real-world coordinates, which in turn generates a real-time low latency, accurate and drift-free positioning. Such positioning service is critical to tactical airborne platform due to their unpredicted flight patterns.

Machine Vision

Jam Proof
Navigation and

Jam Proof Navigation and Positioning

Unlike other navigation and positioning solutions, NavGuard cannot be interrupted or jammed as it is not required to communicate with external sources or components. NavGuard’s highly accurate and drift-free position solution makes it the only relevant technology, able to serve as a true long term GNSS replacement. This becomes even more important as GNSS interruptions and jamming have become a daily event. Therefore, militaries and global aviation regulatory agencies are toughening their requirements on navigational robustness. This applies for airborne platforms in general and drones in particular, demanding a robust redundancy navigation capability second to the GNSS.

NavGuard In The Media

See what our partners are doing with NavGuard’s products, and what the world’s leading media channels are reporting about us.

  • September 12, 2022

    Asio Technologies unveils ‘jam-proof’ navigation solution for UAVs

    NavGuard NOCTA Mini is designed to enable seamless and accurate autonomous navigation for tactical UAS platforms.

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  • July 23, 2022

    Asio Technologies’ NavGuard Advanced System Provide UAVs Navigational Robustness in Diversified Spaces

    Israeli company Asio Technologies, has in recent months supplied hundreds of units of its advanced products, to Israeli and overseas defence companies.

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  • July 11, 2022

    Asio Technologies is integrating its NavGuard systems into drones of a US customer

    NavGuard is a real-time optical navigation system that enables accurate, autonomous GNSS-free navigation for tactical UAS platforms in areas where the GNSS signal is spoofed, jammed, or simply unavailable.

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  • June 20, 2022

    Asio Technologies has been recently fulfilling orders of various NavGuard systems for major defense contractors – sUAS News

    Asio Technologies, a leading electronic-defence company, has been supplying hundreds of units of its advanced products, to Israeli and overseas defence companies in recent months

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  • June 8, 2022

    Innovative digital products for ground forces and air navigation

    “We are contributing to Israel’s security and the safety of our soldiers,” says David Harel, CEO of Asio Technologies, a leader in tactical, augmented reality, targeting, orientation and situation awareness solutions, pioneering autonomous and immune optical navigation systems.

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  • February 10, 2021

    Blue White Robotics and Asio successfully complete GPS jammed flight ops

    Together with Asio technologies, Blue White Robotics successfully completed sUAS flight trials under GPS satellite interference and jamming.

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